What Is SEO? How Does It Work?

11 Oct

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the art of publishing and marketing web-based content in such a way that brings in targeted traffic to your website, thereby increasing the popularity of your website which results in Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc to notice your site and rank high in the search result. To put it in simple words, SEO is a marketing/promotional tool for any website to rank high in search engine.

How Does SEO work?

Most of us may know what search engine is but are not sure how it works. Search Engine is a technology whose motto is to make available to searchers of information that information which is most relevant to the search terms they use. These search terms are otherwise known as Keywords. The search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc acts as virtual librarians, constantly scour the Internet’s billions of pages and record what they find. They also store information about each page found during their regular searches and ranks these pages based on the performance using algorithm.

When people search for a particular term several times a week, you can notice that the search results will not be similar all the time. It is due to the marketing strategy used to promote the site. Link Building is one of the popular and effective tools to promote a website. Search Engines place a lot of importance on the quantity and quality of backlinks to a website. Links from a big part of the algorithm used by search engines to determine ranking and backlinks from high volume websites have the ability to generate a lot of traffic to your website. Websites with a lot of quality links are seen as experts on their subject matter and will therefore rank high on the search engine result pages.

To conclude, quality back links are the core part in SEO. Quality backlinks can be built using some of the powerful marketing tools such as article marketing, comments on blogs or forums, press release, bookmarks, directories, reciprocal links, one-way links, Facebook and Twitter etc.

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