Web Designing – Basics For Beginners

14 Feb

Every now and then, we listen to people talking about web designing. What exactly is web designing? To explain it very briefly, web designing is designing a web page to appear elegant and attractive for the site visitors. A web site consists of numerous pages providing varied information for its customers. Beautifying a web page by applying good themes and colors to the page and making it user-friendly are very important in web designing.

Let’s see what a web designer does.

A web designer controls the creative design of web pages. He satisfies the client’s requirement on colors, themes, icons etc. A web designer is an extremely important part of the process of developing a website regardless of programming or the content of the site since; there are high chances of losing targeted traffic to the site if it is poorly designed. Any specific or unique requirements from the client’s side are fulfilled by a web designer to make the web page appear stylish and easily understandable. In brief, it is the responsibility of a web designer to develop a unique and brilliant design depending on the client’s requirements. Doesn’t it sound simple?

Now we will see what makes a good designer.

A web designer may come from any sort of background or career area. Many transfer their skills in print and graphic design onto the internet, but some might have started from scratch. Unlike today’s career field where highly qualified candidates are given first preference, it is not necessary that a web designer must have high degrees of qualification. All a web designer must possess is creativity, talent and experience. Listed below are some of the basic skills that a web designer must have:

HTML and XHTML: These are the two crucial languages that a designer must know to work on a web page. Only with these languages, a designer can understand the basics of how a web page works. Knowing CSS is also equally important to control and handle a web page’s appearance easily.

Graphic and Digital Art: To be able to develop a creative graphic and digital art is a must in web designing. Creating an art in a piece of paper does not help much in improving skills to apply it in digital format. Thus it becomes a must to know to handle digital editing softwares such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Technical Skills: Technical skill plays a major role in marketing yourself as a web designer. You will not be able to reach your full potential as a designer without this factor. People recognize your personal brand and identify you as a good designer through the technical skills you possess. You can easily design any site and capture customer’s attention only if you have enough knowledge in diverse designs and styles.

Freelancing: Last but not the least. Having all the skills that freelancer possess becomes must to get reputed as a good webs designer in this competitive world. Customer satisfaction and the ability to manage your time and your client’s time can fetch you good reputation as a web designer.

Learning, practicing and developing the knowledge and recent trends in designing and improving your skills is inevitable for a web designer. It may sound disappointing; but it is not hard as it sounds. Though web designing is not an area to make quick money online, being innovative and seeking for advice can become a worthwhile and successful career!

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