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Web Designing – Basics For Beginners

14 Feb

Every now and then, we listen to people talking about web designing. What exactly is web designing? To explain it very briefly, web designing is designing a web page to appear elegant and attractive for the site visitors. A web site consists of numerous pages providing varied information for its customers. Beautifying a web page by applying good themes and colors to the page and making it user-friendly are very important in web designing.

Let’s see what a web designer does.

A web designer controls the creative design of web pages. He satisfies the client’s requirement on colors, themes, icons etc. A web designer is an extremely important part of the process of developing a website regardless of programming or the content of the site since; there are high chances of losing targeted traffic to the site if it is poorly designed. Any specific or unique requirements from the client’s side are fulfilled by a web designer to make the web page appear stylish and easily understandable. Read the rest of this entry »

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