Decode footer.php in wordpress

21 Oct

Sometimes we might get frustrated when we are unable to customize few things in free themes used. The author of the theme might sometimes encode the code in any file. Mostly authors encode footer.php and when you try to edit Appearance > Editor > Footer.php you can see the encoded code which you wont be able to read. To make it readable you need to decode it. For decoding it click here and follow the instructions. Once done you will be able to see the actual code(Understandable code). Do the required changes in the code and copy paste the decoded code in your footer.php file.

Sample code of how it will be

Note: Don’t remove the Theme provider name or Host provider name.


XAMPP Lite – Appache and MySql not running

20 Oct

If you are new to XAMPP Lite and using it in any other root of any other drive other than “c:\” then you might not be able to start Appache and MySql. When you click start in the xampp-control.exe it will show as services started in the textarea given but you wont be able to view the XAMPP default page. In this case try running “setup_xampp” batch file. In that console window it will ask “Should I locate the XAMPP paths correctly?” You need to type “y” and then it will ask for the drive in which you want to place XAMPP. After you give the drive letter it will make the setup.

Try starting the Appache and MySql. It will start for sure.

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WordPress Installation Troubleshoot – Default Username and Password of SQL

19 Oct

While installing WordPress in your local system you might get few standard problems like “error configuration”. In default installation you need to follow two steps for successful installation. First step we need to create database in the name of “wordpress”. Second step change the database Username to “root” and database Password to “”. If you follow the above two steps you can install wordpress without error.

Note: MySql database default username is root and password is “” (blank).

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