5 Time saver firefox plugins for desingers and developers

23 Nov

Years before web designers had a hard life with the browsers that was used only to view the sites and need to wait for a long time for the next update but now most of the browsers are having plugin features. Firefox is the best of those browsers with plenty of plugins available to use and for web designers and web developers it was an eye opener. Myself being a web designer i use 5 plugins which makes my work easier and time saver too. I have mentioned those plugins below, give them a try…
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How should I save an image Jpeg or Gif or Png

27 Oct

While saving images there are two things to be considered. First One is Image quality and the second is Image size. If you are not worried about both then it wont be a problem in selecting an file type. All the 3 basic image types accepted in web are having their own advantages and disadvantages. In few cases there is no chance of skipping a particular file type like if an image is a animated one then its a must we should use Gif and if an image has gradient edges then its a must we should use PNG.
Things given below should be considered before saving images depending upon the usage whether to go with Jpeg or Gif or Png.
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Tool to Decode, Encode your Text

22 Oct

Insert your code to be converted in the textarea below and click the button below.

Base 64

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