GUI Prototyping tool PENCIL

25 Dec

There is a saying “Well begun is half done”. So, before you start designing the layout of a site make a practice of drawing the GUI Prototype of what needs to be done. This will make the job easier and reduce the time consumption too. You are not good in drawing a rough GUI Prototype in paper? You feel it will consume more time to draw those things in a image editing software then Pencil is the simple tool which will make it easier. All the essential stencils required for creating a prototype are given in Pencil. Not satisfied in the default stencil then you can create your own stencil and import it in to Pencil. You just need to drag and drop the controls in the document space and right click to customize it. The tool comes in standalone version and as a firefox plugin. The tool is very user friendly.

To download the software click here

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  1. Ivan

    January 6, 2011 at 3:52 am


    Es asombroso! Admirablemente!