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Bootstrap – A tool For Web Development

02 Sep

Before the introduction of internet tools, developing a website or a webapps was difficult. It was not an easy task since the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS etc were very crucial. But today, the job is made easy for the developers and designers through Twitter’s Bootstrap. Bootstrap is an effective internet tool developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton. It offers a refined, well-documented and has wide range of flexible design components that a designer needs to exhibit their creativity.

Twitter’s Bootstrap is an open-source front-end tool kit developed to help developers and designers effectively and efficiently to build great stuff online. It has an exceptional toolset that a designer requires to accomplish his task. One best thing about Twitter’s Bootstrap is that it not only works best in latest desktop browsers including IE7 but also in tablet, smartphone browsers as well.

Now you can create infinite number of pages with a variety of layout and style elements using Twitter’s Bootstrap since it has a sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. The aim of Twitter’s Bootstrap is to provide a bunch of useful CSS classes and IDs in a single library which is very easy to use, avoid the risk of scratch in designing a website.

Some of the important features to be mentioned are the 12-column responsive grid system and other layout features that help you to style your site at the basic level. The extended JavaScript plugins, close countless bugs and excellent documentation that makes the challenging part of the job made easy for the developers and designers. It also has Typography, form controls, and even a web-based Customizer to make Bootstrap your own.

In short, Twitter’s Bootstrap is a complete package and comprises a ton of user interface elements styled to be usable in any web app, or site. You get an assured answer for the question “how can we solve this problem” from Twitter’s Bootstrap.

To download Twitter’s Bootstrap click here.


GUI Prototyping tool PENCIL

25 Dec

There is a saying “Well begun is half done”. So, before you start designing the layout of a site make a practice of drawing the GUI Prototype of what needs to be done. This will make the job easier and reduce the time consumption too. You are not good in drawing a rough GUI Prototype in paper? You feel it will consume more time to draw those things in a image editing software then Pencil is the simple tool which will make it easier. All the essential stencils required for creating a prototype are given in Read the rest of this entry »


5 Time saver firefox plugins for desingers and developers

23 Nov

Years before web designers had a hard life with the browsers that was used only to view the sites and need to wait for a long time for the next update but now most of the browsers are having plugin features. Firefox is the best of those browsers with plenty of plugins available to use and for web designers and web developers it was an eye opener. Myself being a web designer i use 5 plugins which makes my work easier and time saver too. I have mentioned those plugins below, give them a try…
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