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Make use of Blogroll widget

25 Nov

When we started this blog we used a free theme available as all the bloggers do at first. After putting content we saw a widget with caption ” Blogroll “. We tried few things and without knowing the power of that we removed it from our theme. After that we posted a post of how to remove it for helping others. It is really a good widget to have in a blog site.

Effective usage of blogroll widget in your site can drive traffic to your site and increase your site ranking as well. Wondering how !!!
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5 Time saver firefox plugins for desingers and developers

23 Nov

Years before web designers had a hard life with the browsers that was used only to view the sites and need to wait for a long time for the next update but now most of the browsers are having plugin features. Firefox is the best of those browsers with plenty of plugins available to use and for web designers and web developers it was an eye opener. Myself being a web designer i use 5 plugins which makes my work easier and time saver too. I have mentioned those plugins below, give them a try…
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XAMPP Lite – Appache and MySql not running

20 Oct

If you are new to XAMPP Lite and using it in any other root of any other drive other than “c:\” then you might not be able to start Appache and MySql. When you click start in the xampp-control.exe it will show as services started in the textarea given but you wont be able to view the XAMPP default page. In this case try running “setup_xampp” batch file. In that console window it will ask “Should I locate the XAMPP paths correctly?” You need to type “y” and then it will ask for the drive in which you want to place XAMPP. After you give the drive letter it will make the setup.

Try starting the Appache and MySql. It will start for sure.

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